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Right to Return [poem]

For years I stood
Proud and tall
Feeding generations
Young and old

Life was kind
Villagers smiled
The fruits of my labour
Spread far and wide

But as time passed
People grew less
Still I stayed on
Providing the rest

More were displaced
Or shot in the dirt
The land that I love
Was hit by a curse

Then one day
Right out of the blue
A young girl appeared
I couldn’t say who

I branched out a hand
Withered, decayed
Firm was her grasp
Against the sway

For years she came
Sharing my fruits
Only for her
I kept to my roots

She was my calm
My own little dawn
But the future was dark
In the face of a storm

They took her away.
And her family too
As I stood by helpless
With nothing to do

All color has gone
In this world turned grey
Though she wasn’t my seed
I died on that day

And every day since
I pray for my end
But still I live on
Mourning my friend.

By Daanyaal

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A Journey through Time

Recently, I decided to embark on a journey. And no, not a physical journey as that would require actual movement on my part.

This journey is waaaay cooler though believe me, it’s a journey……… Through time (*.*) (wow) ! A journey which can only be undertaken via the great medium of books! Orrrrr television documentaries. Orrr wikipedia I suppose. But in this case, at least, it’s through books.

Specifically speaking I decided to study Islamic history, not in extreme detail but just for a broad overview of events.

So if any amongst you are interested in this subject then I highly reccomend the following books to create a good platform for learning but also for further reading, should you wish.

Or just read on for the hell of it.

The first book I read was ‘Muhammad: His Life Based On the Earliest Sources’ by Martin Lings. This can only be described as a gem of a book. It was nicely written, not too long and overall an easy read. Although I was familiar with a lot of the history of the Prophet Muhammad, may peace and blessing be upon him, after reading this book I realised how little I actually knew/remembered.   

I highly reccommend anyone who’s interested in learning about the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, or about Islamic history in general to read through Martin Lings’ brilliant biography.

‘The History of the Khalifahs who took the Right Way’ by Jalal ad-Din as-Suyuti was the second book I read. After reading a biography of the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, I felt it fitting to read about the 4 Khalifahs who came after him, as well as a short extract on the 5th too. What appealed to me most about this book was that it was very neatly organised. For each caliph, there were little sections such as their description or what they accomplished as Caliph and so forth. Overall it was a concise yet informative read. Recommended for anyone looking to see how Islam expanded after the death of the Prophet, may peace and blessings be upon him.

The next book on the list was ‘Lost Islamic History: Reclaiming Muslim Civilisation from the Past’ by Firas Alkhateeb and as of yet am only half way through it. The book starts off by giving brief summaries of the lives of the Prophet SAW and the first 4 Khalifahs, and then transporting you into the times that follow. From what I have seen so far I can tell you that Islamic history is by no means a simple affair. You learn about Dynasty after dynasty. Dynasties within dynasties. Divisions, battles, treaties and much much more. 

It is a wonder how the author so skillfully packed everything inside this neat and rather  compact book!

The Golden Age of Science and Maths, in the cultural capital of Baghdad, was especially interesting as we are shown how Muslim scientists and leading thinkers pioneered the way for much of the technology we use today. It was extremely interesting but at the same time deeply saddening, considering how different the situation is now.

My overall impression so far is of sheer wonder. It is amazing how, in just around 300 years, Islam had spread from one Man with a mission to one of the largest dynasties in the world at that time. It just goes to show how much can be accomplished when unity exists between the leaders and followers.  And when peace is present throughout.

But anyways I suppose its time to end this fairly long (by this sites standards!) post and leave by saying, again!, that if any of you are interested in learning about Islamic history then these books would definitely be good starting points.

If you have any other books which you can reccomend then write them in the comments below 🙂 or just write in the comments for the hell of it. That’s how I get my kicks apparently.

I don’t know what I’ll read next but if I don’t say on here then maybe you can somehow stalk my goodreads account, if anyone is actually interested! Ya crafty buggers.

Taraa for now then

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A Special Day…

Comrades! Today was a special day. We are blessed to have lived through such a momentous occasion.
‘What was today, oh great one?’ I hear you ask. Fear not, my children! For I shall answer that question in a few words time, Shirley.

Today was, according to twitter, National Burger Day! (Woo)

Therefore it is only fitting that I tell you about a burger that is very close (but hopefully not too close for health reasons!) to my heart. Let’s get personal up in here brahs.

*violin plays*

I know you readers are spread out across the globe BUT should any of you ever pass by the great city of Bradford (BD7 to be exact) then it is a must that you try out this, what can only be described as, the Beast Between the Buns!

You may have guessed it already, but the burger which I am speaking of today is, nothing but, the world renowned:
Drum roll please….
Euro’s Tower Burger!

Oh yeah !

Now this isn’t one of your;
clean cut, nicely packed, good-for-your-health kinda burgers oh no! It’s dutty as hell, a teensy bit wonkeh and may induce bowel movements, and then some.

But by George does it hit the spot.

It is a sheer testament to the burger that, despite that mean and slightly exaggerated though-not-too-exaggerated description I just gave, the masses will always go crawling back for more.

Now you might be thinking this to be like any other burger but my friend you couldn’t be more wrong. Here’s how an encounter with this burger will go:
You order the burger
You bite into the burger
You begin to lose all hope in humanity
You teeter onto the edge of insanity
You’re tongue discovers the most sweetest of sensations
A Hash.
Phwoar… The rest speaks for itself really.

If you’re especially lucky, the ever so lovely workers will even stash a little chicken wing inside your chips! And that’s not creepy at all…

But there you have it. The best burger in Bradford, nay! The best burger in the world!

If you are ever fortunate enough to pop down, say Daanyaal sent you and you might just get a funny look ’cause, to be honest, I’m not on first name basis with any of the staff there.

Talk about that free advertising!

P.s. Euros recently changed their name to Kings
Who even knows why ):
Location: Next to the post office near Uni.


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I suppose everyone’s got their own (hopefully not so tragic) tales to tell [poem]

Behind The Mask

These are the eyes
Of a child, a father, a mother.
These eyes have lost sight.
Of auntie’s, uncle’s and brother’s.

These eyes bare witness, to the extent of fear.
Throughout the years. A stronghold of tears.

Look into these eyes. Look if you dare.
See how two mirrors, give you a stare?
A stare so scarce they’ll give you a scare?

Can you look beyond these glass-like balls?
The desperate child who screams and falls.
The frail old man up against the wall.
The childless mother, still standing tall.

Have you gazed into someone’s eyes, as the drama
unf o   l      d        s      ?
Etched deep within the holes, a thousand stories untold…
Have you gazed into someone’s eyes? As your body turns cold?
As you’re taken through the journey, of a long lost soul
Memories rush back, no longer on. 
A lifetime of struggle, previously unknown…

You can search for a story and then drown in seas
Like looking for an answer in a room full of keys

But no question’s need asked. No words said.
For the answers are all there. Bloodshot and Red.
Restless. Trapped. Encaged in the head.

And although most, will never be seen
Behind every pair. From black to green:

A story lays dormant. Patient and keen.

By Daanyaal

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My encounter with Art

Today, my dear readers, I witnessed something worth sharing. Something which truly… Truly! Took my breath away.

There it was, a piece of Art, so innocent yet at the same time so profound. An object so awe-inspiring that words themselves cannot do it justice.

It was one of those things which, at the smallest of glances, can tear you apart, right down to your very core and then simultaneously re-build you into something you’d never thought you could become.

The circle of life itself is etched into this masterpiece.

So without further ado:


Banksy who?

You see, what this artist has captured, so economically, is that freedom is not something which can simply be written onto a wall and forced into the readers minds!

Nuh-uuuh Girlfriend.

Freedom, by its own definition, is against this very idea! This idea is against humanity itself! It quite simply goes against every single law of nature known, and unknown, to man! And to woman for that matter!

What our artist has achieved, other than simply leaving a sentence unfinished, is that he has allowed the wall… Yes, the very wall itself! To become a blank canvas. An unmarked atlas for the reader’s mind to be mapped onto! A theoretical bubble in which to place the speech of the viewer’s own heart.

Our anonymous artist has come to the remarkable realisation that:
Freedom is in the eye of the beholder…

Just let that sink in folks.

If your mind says ‘Free Palestine’, then the wall has decreed it so! If your mind screams ‘Free Oven Chips!!!’, then that is also by all means perfectly okay!!!! If not a tad bit weird.

How many thoughts have resonated off this very wall, and have embedded themselves into the very depths of space and time?? A mere mortal such as myself could never say.

So, in essence, what I want to say is that; at best, you come across a piece of contemporary art (whatever that means) such as this, once in a lifetime. I am fortunate enough to have come across one. I only hope that the rest of you are lucky enough too, some day.

Thank you for reading.

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Risk Everything – Poem for Palestine

The following is a poem I wrote about a month ago regarding the situation in Gaza and, more specifically, about the killing of 4 boys on a beach. Read and share…

Risk Everything

8 players. 1 pitch. 4 boys a side.
Sounds like some kind of advert for Nike
Without the floodlights.. or referees
Just playing with heart, playing for pride

‘I’ll be Neymar’ – Muhammed Ramiz
Skips one.. skips two.. and slots it with ease
‘Then I’m Ronaldo!’ The young boy said
As he gallops off, into the breeze

Boy of just 10, Zakaria Ahed
Watched by crowds, if not all in his head
He gives it his all, right from the start
Filling the defenders hearts full of dread

Run for minutes. Hours. Time plays no part.
Only clock present. Tick of the heart.
Blue becomes red. Day turns to eve.
Such glorious scenes have to be art.

‘First to 10 wins. Let’s keep this one brief’
Such reasoned words, from Ahed Atif
The score’s 9 all, rather quite rare
A time for heroes. A time to believe.

‘Cross       the          ball!’
A shout in the air.
Determined to try. Daring to dare.

Steadies himself. Eyesight is locked.
Ready to strike. Trigger is cocked.

Ball soars in.  Tearing the sky
He leaps into
Ready to              fly

‘Overhead Kick!’ the crowd goes wild
No one can stop him, he’s Muhammed Ismail !

Hangs there forever. Time holds
It’s breath
Oblivious as to what happens next

Foot meets ball. Then comes a
Smashing the floor. He greets the sand.

A piece of shrapnel.. Rips open his chest
He shudders he shakes then lays down to rest.

Eyes on fire. Vision gone red.
No screams. No thoughts.

As for the rest, they scream and they run
But moving targets are always more fun

Crows are hungry to join in the fray
As 4 little boys rot and decay

4 innocent lives lost from the world
With stories that were still yet to unfurl
4 little boys…. Does it not make you upset?
That their laughter was deemed that much of a threat?
4 helpless children. Lay dead on the ground
As the World looks on without making a sound

But amongst all the flesh and the entrails and the slime
Lays a blood spattered ball… Just over the line.


By Daanyaal

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Tokyo Ghooouuuuuuuuul

For those readers (all 12 of you out there! :* ) who aren’t into Anime or Manga…. This will seem like a pretty childish/lame/creepy/OMGgetalife kinda post.

But ah well! You’re here so you might as well carry on reading right?.. Right?…

Anywhoo I just wanted to write about an A-maaaaaazing Anime (Japanese cartoon) I’ve seen recently; namely, Tokyo Ghoul.

Without spoiling the story of it all too much, in essense, it is about a World infested by these; supernatural, vampire-like, human eating and also human resembling creatures known as Ghouls.

The great thing about this show however is that we see things from the perspective of the ghouls, get an inside scoop of their own struggles and generally learn to realise that a lot of them aren’t the monsters they’re made out to be…

Naughty humans!

But yeah anyways the moral of the overall plot I believe is that, instead of the constant persecution, if there ever is to be real peace between the two.. Then communication and understanding is key.. Ignorance doesn’t seem so bliss anymore!

But in the mean time some badass fighting sequences shan’t go amiss.

In conclusion!! The moral of myyyyy story is that you should definitely go and watch this show because its:

Proper Sick Br00o

And there’s only 8 episodes so far so why not ???

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The dreaded first post! :O

First things first (am the rillist) I think it’s important, nay! Imperative! Yes that’s a good word ‘imperative’! For me to clarify that this nooby of a blog has nothing to do with Tea :/

Oh the shame.. Oh the horror…

But fear not my oh-so-loyal subjects for it has been said that a cup of tea can be found in the most darkest of places, so long as one remembers to turn on the light (cheers Dumbledore)

Yikes this blog has already started to digress but nevertheless keep your beady little eyes on this space for some reyt-good waffling but also for some poetry ??

But until we meet again young reader… Thank you and good night


This is exactly the kind of thing this site is not about!!!!

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