The dreaded first post! :O

First things first (am the rillist) I think it’s important, nay! Imperative! Yes that’s a good word ‘imperative’! For me to clarify that this nooby of a blog has nothing to do with Tea :/

Oh the shame.. Oh the horror…

But fear not my oh-so-loyal subjects for it has been said that a cup of tea can be found in the most darkest of places, so long as one remembers to turn on the light (cheers Dumbledore)

Yikes this blog has already started to digress but nevertheless keep your beady little eyes on this space for some reyt-good waffling but also for some poetry ??

But until we meet again young reader… Thank you and good night


This is exactly the kind of thing this site is not about!!!!

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4 thoughts on “The dreaded first post! :O

  1. Yousuf bhayat says:

    I was expecting a blog on tea… Great first post though!


  2. Rojja says:

    The picture isn’t tea mate


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