My encounter with Art

Today, my dear readers, I witnessed something worth sharing. Something which truly… Truly! Took my breath away.

There it was, a piece of Art, so innocent yet at the same time so profound. An object so awe-inspiring that words themselves cannot do it justice.

It was one of those things which, at the smallest of glances, can tear you apart, right down to your very core and then simultaneously re-build you into something you’d never thought you could become.

The circle of life itself is etched into this masterpiece.

So without further ado:


Banksy who?

You see, what this artist has captured, so economically, is that freedom is not something which can simply be written onto a wall and forced into the readers minds!

Nuh-uuuh Girlfriend.

Freedom, by its own definition, is against this very idea! This idea is against humanity itself! It quite simply goes against every single law of nature known, and unknown, to man! And to woman for that matter!

What our artist has achieved, other than simply leaving a sentence unfinished, is that he has allowed the wall… Yes, the very wall itself! To become a blank canvas. An unmarked atlas for the reader’s mind to be mapped onto! A theoretical bubble in which to place the speech of the viewer’s own heart.

Our anonymous artist has come to the remarkable realisation that:
Freedom is in the eye of the beholder…

Just let that sink in folks.

If your mind says ‘Free Palestine’, then the wall has decreed it so! If your mind screams ‘Free Oven Chips!!!’, then that is also by all means perfectly okay!!!! If not a tad bit weird.

How many thoughts have resonated off this very wall, and have embedded themselves into the very depths of space and time?? A mere mortal such as myself could never say.

So, in essence, what I want to say is that; at best, you come across a piece of contemporary art (whatever that means) such as this, once in a lifetime. I am fortunate enough to have come across one. I only hope that the rest of you are lucky enough too, some day.

Thank you for reading.

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