A Special Day…

Comrades! Today was a special day. We are blessed to have lived through such a momentous occasion.
‘What was today, oh great one?’ I hear you ask. Fear not, my children! For I shall answer that question in a few words time, Shirley.

Today was, according to twitter, National Burger Day! (Woo)

Therefore it is only fitting that I tell you about a burger that is very close (but hopefully not too close for health reasons!) to my heart. Let’s get personal up in here brahs.

*violin plays*

I know you readers are spread out across the globe BUT should any of you ever pass by the great city of Bradford (BD7 to be exact) then it is a must that you try out this, what can only be described as, the Beast Between the Buns!

You may have guessed it already, but the burger which I am speaking of today is, nothing but, the world renowned:
Drum roll please….
Euro’s Tower Burger!

Oh yeah !

Now this isn’t one of your;
clean cut, nicely packed, good-for-your-health kinda burgers oh no! It’s dutty as hell, a teensy bit wonkeh and may induce bowel movements, and then some.

But by George does it hit the spot.

It is a sheer testament to the burger that, despite that mean and slightly exaggerated though-not-too-exaggerated description I just gave, the masses will always go crawling back for more.

Now you might be thinking this to be like any other burger but my friend you couldn’t be more wrong. Here’s how an encounter with this burger will go:
You order the burger
You bite into the burger
You begin to lose all hope in humanity
You teeter onto the edge of insanity
You’re tongue discovers the most sweetest of sensations
A Hash.
Phwoar… The rest speaks for itself really.

If you’re especially lucky, the ever so lovely workers will even stash a little chicken wing inside your chips! And that’s not creepy at all…

But there you have it. The best burger in Bradford, nay! The best burger in the world!

If you are ever fortunate enough to pop down, say Daanyaal sent you and you might just get a funny look ’cause, to be honest, I’m not on first name basis with any of the staff there.

Talk about that free advertising!

P.s. Euros recently changed their name to Kings
Who even knows why ):
Location: Next to the post office near Uni.


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3 thoughts on “A Special Day…

  1. Munir Hussain says:

    This is flipping amazing. I shed a tear whilst my mouth watered.


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