Right to Return [poem]

For years I stood
Proud and tall
Feeding generations
Young and old

Life was kind
Villagers smiled
The fruits of my labour
Spread far and wide

But as time passed
People grew less
Still I stayed on
Providing the rest

More were displaced
Or shot in the dirt
The land that I love
Was hit by a curse

Then one day
Right out of the blue
A young girl appeared
I couldn’t say who

I branched out a hand
Withered, decayed
Firm was her grasp
Against the sway

For years she came
Sharing my fruits
Only for her
I kept to my roots

She was my calm
My own little dawn
But the future was dark
In the face of a storm

They took her away.
And her family too
As I stood by helpless
With nothing to do

All color has gone
In this world turned grey
Though she wasn’t my seed
I died on that day

And every day since
I pray for my end
But still I live on
Mourning my friend.

By Daanyaal

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2 thoughts on “Right to Return [poem]

  1. Arwa says:

    I love this poem. It’s expressive and well written.

    Liked by 1 person

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