A first visit to Old Trafford

As the title tooooootally suggests… Today I’ll be talking about…..
Ponies. (Awww) .. I jest I jest.
Definately saving the Pony post for a while yet! No.. today I’ll tell you all a story :O

A story with zero purpose. No beginning. Barely a middle. And not much of an end.

How exciting!!!

So a couple days ago, on Tuesday last week to be precise, I visited the glorious city of Manchester to watch, none other than, Manchester United play at Old Trafford. Even though it was a seemingly mundane match (against Stoke – no offence) the stadium was still brimming with fans, around 75,000 to be precise-ish!


Alllllllll thanks to this badboy

In short, it was a madness. Now I’ve been to watch a few games in my time, but none quite like this. Sitting next to the Stretford end itself, a constant stream of hilarious chants, jibes and casual abuse filled my little ears, all under the great banner of ‘banter’.



I have to say though, that once you’re a part of the environment, it takes a strange hold on you.

Surrounded by tens of thousands of fans. Lost in a sea of red with all eyes focused on the island at the centre. Stewed in a melting pot of raw emotion.

It was under these very conditions that I lost all self-control. All humanity. Filling my lungs with all the air I could fit, I threw-

-No. I launched. I launched caution to the wind! And I screamed, with all the eloquence that naturally comes with being a semi-active blogger, I screamed…


And honestly speaking I have never felt any sweeter relief.

I told you this story had no purpose! But did you listen? I suppose if you got this far then.. No, no you did not.You little rebel you.


After reading through everything up there ^ it looks like I’ve given a fairly negative review of the whole experience, but because I can’t muster up the effort to re-write it all I shall just add:

Watching a match live is truly amazing and I most certainly reccommend it to any footballing and non-footballing fans alike. You’re constantly kept at the edge of your seat and feel one with the crowd. Watching the same game on the Telly wouldn’t compare at all in my expert opinion.

Plus if you’re lucky enough, like I was, you too might see the living legend, Marouane Fellaini, score and help your team to a 2-1 victory.


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