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Unknowing [Poem]


You were the Snowflake,
Which never grew.
Touching the surface,
Turning to dew.

Wonderfully unique,
In every way.
A speck of white,
To a world of grey,

A gift. A gem.
Hailed by all.
Beauty captured,
In a graceful fall.

The clouds were mournful,
Watching you leave.

You were the Snowflake,
Which never grew.
Touching a surface,
I never knew.

By Daanyaal

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Time [Poem]


What is time, but an accursed gift?
Dictating your life, right from your wrist.
Be it slow. Be it fast.
Time can never be within our grasp.

How foolish is man? How foolish am I?
Sitting there idly, as time rushes by.
Waiting for no man, certainly not me.
No backwards glance. Have we ceased to be?

But tonight is different. Tonight he’s mine!
Stuffed with memories, I watch him unwind.
He remains silent; for once he’s stood still
As I show him my life, against his will

Walking this path, stories emerge.
They rain down joy, these clouds of words.
The Sun is keen to point it’s rays
In order to give the shadows a chase.

But the path up ahead, is clouded with mist.
Somehow or other, the road took a twist
Never forgotten, nor ever remembered
Simply deserving, to be lamented

Walking this path, stories emerge
Stuck in a book that’s read in reverse
Looking over my shoulder, Time has gone
Only I had been frozen.
Whilst time had been running
All along

By Daanyaal

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Moving on [poem]

You were everything
Everything and all
Inside of a girl

You were a clock face
Without any hands
The epitome of all
Unmade plans

You were the beat
Attending the heart
A little
Personified art

You were a future
Vague but present
But above all else
You were a lesson

Unfinding you
Was no easy task
Not entirely unpainful
Certainly not fast

Skip to the future
As im writing this song
A mere room in the mind
Is where you live on

The distance has grown
You’re now down the hall
Finally moved on
So I guess
You weren’t
Eternal at all

By Daanyaal

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How far have we fallen? [Poem]

How far have we fallen?
We’re Scattered. Divided.
Once upon a time we were
Strong. Undivided.

How far have we fallen?

Our Masjids are Beautiful. Our Masjid’s are grand
Our empty Masjid’s 
Fill up the land

How far have we fallen?

Sacrifices were made. Now it’s all on our plate
Our elder’s spread the call
To secure our fate

How far have we fallen?

We’re the luckiest people. In this deen
Born with Adhan
The path was clean

How far have we fallen?

But down the line, we lost our way
“Islam will spread itself
How much could I change?”

But if the Sahaba thought that, then where would we be?
The World would be different
The Ummat would cease

We should all do our part. If only a bit.
The least we can do
Is raise our hands while we sit

It sounds like I’m preaching, but I’ve no room to speak
Far from good myself
I’m just one with the weak.

By Daanyaal

Insha’Allah we can all do our best in spreading this faith in a peaceful manner i.e. by going out with Jamaat etc.. 🙂

First and foremost I’m talking to myself of course

Religious Vibes... Hopefully it stays !

Thank you for reading.

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Right to Return [poem]

For years I stood
Proud and tall
Feeding generations
Young and old

Life was kind
Villagers smiled
The fruits of my labour
Spread far and wide

But as time passed
People grew less
Still I stayed on
Providing the rest

More were displaced
Or shot in the dirt
The land that I love
Was hit by a curse

Then one day
Right out of the blue
A young girl appeared
I couldn’t say who

I branched out a hand
Withered, decayed
Firm was her grasp
Against the sway

For years she came
Sharing my fruits
Only for her
I kept to my roots

She was my calm
My own little dawn
But the future was dark
In the face of a storm

They took her away.
And her family too
As I stood by helpless
With nothing to do

All color has gone
In this world turned grey
Though she wasn’t my seed
I died on that day

And every day since
I pray for my end
But still I live on
Mourning my friend.

By Daanyaal

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I suppose everyone’s got their own (hopefully not so tragic) tales to tell [poem]

Behind The Mask

These are the eyes
Of a child, a father, a mother.
These eyes have lost sight.
Of auntie’s, uncle’s and brother’s.

These eyes bare witness, to the extent of fear.
Throughout the years. A stronghold of tears.

Look into these eyes. Look if you dare.
See how two mirrors, give you a stare?
A stare so scarce they’ll give you a scare?

Can you look beyond these glass-like balls?
The desperate child who screams and falls.
The frail old man up against the wall.
The childless mother, still standing tall.

Have you gazed into someone’s eyes, as the drama
unf o   l      d        s      ?
Etched deep within the holes, a thousand stories untold…
Have you gazed into someone’s eyes? As your body turns cold?
As you’re taken through the journey, of a long lost soul
Memories rush back, no longer on. 
A lifetime of struggle, previously unknown…

You can search for a story and then drown in seas
Like looking for an answer in a room full of keys

But no question’s need asked. No words said.
For the answers are all there. Bloodshot and Red.
Restless. Trapped. Encaged in the head.

And although most, will never be seen
Behind every pair. From black to green:

A story lays dormant. Patient and keen.

By Daanyaal

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Risk Everything – Poem for Palestine

The following is a poem I wrote about a month ago regarding the situation in Gaza and, more specifically, about the killing of 4 boys on a beach. Read and share…

Risk Everything

8 players. 1 pitch. 4 boys a side.
Sounds like some kind of advert for Nike
Without the floodlights.. or referees
Just playing with heart, playing for pride

‘I’ll be Neymar’ – Muhammed Ramiz
Skips one.. skips two.. and slots it with ease
‘Then I’m Ronaldo!’ The young boy said
As he gallops off, into the breeze

Boy of just 10, Zakaria Ahed
Watched by crowds, if not all in his head
He gives it his all, right from the start
Filling the defenders hearts full of dread

Run for minutes. Hours. Time plays no part.
Only clock present. Tick of the heart.
Blue becomes red. Day turns to eve.
Such glorious scenes have to be art.

‘First to 10 wins. Let’s keep this one brief’
Such reasoned words, from Ahed Atif
The score’s 9 all, rather quite rare
A time for heroes. A time to believe.

‘Cross       the          ball!’
A shout in the air.
Determined to try. Daring to dare.

Steadies himself. Eyesight is locked.
Ready to strike. Trigger is cocked.

Ball soars in.  Tearing the sky
He leaps into
Ready to              fly

‘Overhead Kick!’ the crowd goes wild
No one can stop him, he’s Muhammed Ismail !

Hangs there forever. Time holds
It’s breath
Oblivious as to what happens next

Foot meets ball. Then comes a
Smashing the floor. He greets the sand.

A piece of shrapnel.. Rips open his chest
He shudders he shakes then lays down to rest.

Eyes on fire. Vision gone red.
No screams. No thoughts.

As for the rest, they scream and they run
But moving targets are always more fun

Crows are hungry to join in the fray
As 4 little boys rot and decay

4 innocent lives lost from the world
With stories that were still yet to unfurl
4 little boys…. Does it not make you upset?
That their laughter was deemed that much of a threat?
4 helpless children. Lay dead on the ground
As the World looks on without making a sound

But amongst all the flesh and the entrails and the slime
Lays a blood spattered ball… Just over the line.


By Daanyaal

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