Interstellar – A Review

‘We used to look up at the sky and wonder at our place in the stars, now we just look down and worry about our place in the dirt.’ 

Interstellar. Ohhhhh Interstellar, I watched you 3 days ago and you still have me feeling some kind of way.

Here goes, a review which will do the film no justice, so please kindly lower all expectations and keep your hands and feet firmly inside the vehicle at all times.  Thank you.


*Scottish accent* A meeeeere Fiver!

Without giving away any spoilers; ‘Interstellar’ is set in a world in which mankind – yes, that mankind – is slowly running out of food, a condition which will inevitably lead to their starvation followed by extinction. Due to the fact that the only produce showing the slightest bit of promise at the moment is Corn, the average person is deeply encouraged to abandon whatever hopes and dreams they may have in life, to help grow this product, something which not all are happy about (hence the quote at the top). As the hours, minutes and days on the human life-clock tick by, there is seemingly only one other alternative for survival, another home for the Human race, thus giving birth to the movie as well as this cool quote:

‘Mankind was born on Earth. It was never meant to die here.’

What I looooved most about Interstellar, you know, aside from the epic Hans Zimmer scores, beautiful imagery and tear-jerking acting, was the fact that it made me.. ME.. feel smart!

Strutting in with 5% of my GCSE Physics knowledge intact, I had no right to follow any of it!.. But when Romilly the scientist (didn’t need to use IMDb at all there..) asked me ‘What is a circle in 3 dimensions?’ Well by george you know I screamed the answer to him right there in my head!! What a moment. Take that Year 8 physics report!!

My new-found love for Quantum Mechanics didn’t end there either – Oh no it did not! As soon as I got home I went straight to my brother, smug with the air of someone in the know, and I hit him with it.

‘Bruh (because I’m ghetto), guess what. Time………..  is relative.’
Cue the background explosions whilst I slowly wear some raybans and take a victory sip of coffee.
Ohhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh.

‘What does that mean???’ – The response which crushed everything I had prepared on the bus ride home.

‘Ummmmmmm you knowwwwww relative!….. Gravity… and shit.’

Ok so maybe Interstellar didn’t quite make an astrophysicist out of me, not that it set out to, but it got dangerously close I must say. 

Although I have indeed digressed ever so slightly, to come back on track, there is just so much that this film offers to its viewers! From the surprisingly emotional father-daughter relationships to the beautiful cinematography portraying the vastness of the universe around us. All for a fiver.

Most importantly though, the movie also piqued a curiosity within me. It caused me to ponder on the possibilities offered by outer space. It made me stop scanning the pavements for dog muck whilst I travel and instead, lifted my gaze to the stars, a decision I instantly regretted.


Maybe there's more to life than a warm cuppa'....

And If that doesn’t persuade you enough to watch the movie then I have only two words for you: Matthew McConaughey.

As a final thought I must say that Interstellar was more than just a brilliant movie. It was an experience. Depending on when you read this post, I would also suggest viewing it in the cinemas as opposed to DVD or a dodgy 240p pirate copy.  Mind you, seeing as though it’s been out for so long already, those may be the only options left. Good luck to you in that case!

If you’ve seen the movie then comment belowwww with your thoughts and if you haven’t seen it then comment anyways for the heck of it.
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Go wild my children.

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A first visit to Old Trafford

As the title tooooootally suggests… Today I’ll be talking about…..
Ponies. (Awww) .. I jest I jest.
Definately saving the Pony post for a while yet! No.. today I’ll tell you all a story :O

A story with zero purpose. No beginning. Barely a middle. And not much of an end.

How exciting!!!

So a couple days ago, on Tuesday last week to be precise, I visited the glorious city of Manchester to watch, none other than, Manchester United play at Old Trafford. Even though it was a seemingly mundane match (against Stoke – no offence) the stadium was still brimming with fans, around 75,000 to be precise-ish!


Alllllllll thanks to this badboy

In short, it was a madness. Now I’ve been to watch a few games in my time, but none quite like this. Sitting next to the Stretford end itself, a constant stream of hilarious chants, jibes and casual abuse filled my little ears, all under the great banner of ‘banter’.



I have to say though, that once you’re a part of the environment, it takes a strange hold on you.

Surrounded by tens of thousands of fans. Lost in a sea of red with all eyes focused on the island at the centre. Stewed in a melting pot of raw emotion.

It was under these very conditions that I lost all self-control. All humanity. Filling my lungs with all the air I could fit, I threw-

-No. I launched. I launched caution to the wind! And I screamed, with all the eloquence that naturally comes with being a semi-active blogger, I screamed…


And honestly speaking I have never felt any sweeter relief.

I told you this story had no purpose! But did you listen? I suppose if you got this far then.. No, no you did not.You little rebel you.


After reading through everything up there ^ it looks like I’ve given a fairly negative review of the whole experience, but because I can’t muster up the effort to re-write it all I shall just add:

Watching a match live is truly amazing and I most certainly reccommend it to any footballing and non-footballing fans alike. You’re constantly kept at the edge of your seat and feel one with the crowd. Watching the same game on the Telly wouldn’t compare at all in my expert opinion.

Plus if you’re lucky enough, like I was, you too might see the living legend, Marouane Fellaini, score and help your team to a 2-1 victory.


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The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

It’s past midnight, I’m lying on my bed….. Exam in the afternoon #PrayForDan ! What a perfect time to write a blog post 😀

BEHOLD My first ever book review, on this blog anyways  :O .. Naaaaaah!! Mental!

So as it says in the title, today I shall be reviewing ‘The Alchemist’ by Paulo Coelho and I’m going to start off the review by breaking the rules a wee bit, just because I like living life on its very edge.

So here goes.

Judging a book purely its cover, I’d say, this book is bloody brilliant !! I mean, just look at that sillhouetted church submerged in the mysterious orange-tinged fog and the attractive backdrop of mountains in the distance, all behind the unmistakable letters reading ‘THE INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER’



If that doesn’t tickle your curiosity then you need serious help my friend. Professional help.

In essence the story is a simple one. It centers around a Spanish sheperd, Santiago (aka ‘the boy’), who spends his days with his sheep.. as you do.. in complete peace and tranquility until he is disturbed by a slight recurring dream.

Getting his dream interpreted by a gypsy woman in the nearest village.. also as you do… The boy is then told about a treasure which awaits him and is subsequently led onto the path of his ‘true destiny’ travelling vasts amount of land and making acquaintances along the way.

“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” – Paul Coelho, The Alchemist

When I started reading this book, I slowly began to treat it as if it was a fairy tale of sorts. And in many ways I believe it is so, the story has a clear moral (Chase your dreams!!!) and it  constantly sticks to it. But in actual fact The Alchemist is much more than that.

Though it is an easy read and not very long (177 pages), the book is filled with beautiful language. From the general descriptions of places and people, to the personification of nature itself. This book will have you turning pages faster than you can say ‘oh my days this book is literally forcing me to turn this page somebody help!’ And this is after having been translated.

The book is also rather philosophical, although you may not agree with all of it, I bet there’s definately something in there that can relate to anyone.

An unexpectedly deep book which, not only makes you think, but helps you appreciate the wonder all around us in our seemingly ordinary day to day lives.

Not sure how good of a review this was but if you want an inspiring, feel-good and easy to read yet deep book, then look no further than The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

Also I gave it 4 Stars on my goodreads … Which you can follow here 🙂

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A Post from the Heart

As I sit here on this cold winters night; gazing deeply into the abyss unfolding before me, listening intently for the faintest of sounds, lost within the complex fortress of my own mind.. I can’t help but wonder…..

a) Why is there a random man sat next to me ???????????
b) Why is he bald??????
c) Why did I stop blogging.

I am fully aware that, deep down within your cyberhearts, you’ve all been filled with worry and concern for me! But worry not for I am fine, or as fine as a final year uni student could hope to be I suppose.

For months I’ve been convincing myself that I haven’t been writing due to a ‘tremendous work load.’ But we All know that’s a lie! Procrastination. Population: Me. 

The sad and bitter truth of the matter however is this… Brace yourselves…

No, seriously, brace yourself. hold a desk, hold the edge of your bed, hold your lover, hold… yourself. Whatever it takes!

The truth is that I just can’t seem to find anything worth writing about :O (Ohhhhhhhhh the horror! Ohhhhhh The shame!)

My life right now is a packet of Walkers Ready Salted… when I’m secretly wanting Sensations Thai sweet chilli…. You feel me??? You get me??? Ofcourse you do.

At this not-so-very low point in my life, the only solace I could find were in the wise words of Professor Albus Dumbledore. And they are as follows:


Dumbledore got some mad flow for real.

Don’t worry! You’re not hallucinating. You’re not stoned off your head on some chronic bud (well you might be – in which case – 420 blaze it dank)

Dumbledore! said these words. the greatest wizard of our time! Was a crackhead. But do you know what these words say to me??

They say:
‘Daanyaal. Write. Even if it’s the most mundane thing in the world, write. Even if you barely find it funny yourself! Write. Because…. Someone, Somewhere, might be having the least productive day imaginable, stumble on your blog, read a post (!!!) and maybe just maybe… They’ll even crack a smile. Even though they won’t! They might.’

And I shall end the end of my long hiatus on that.

P.s. I recently went to the Warner bros Harry Potter studios tour London and it was
*high pitched voice*

P.p.s. In retrospect I could have just written about my visit to the studio but AAAAAAH WELL !

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A first attempt at 3D Art

So today, I finally watched the ending to the (Amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing) Anime known to all as, none other than, Tokyo Ghoul. Only I later (about 30 seconds later to be exact) found out that there supposedly is a season 2 in the making!


So yeah as I was fan-girling over the climactic, though evidently not climactic, fight between Kaneki Kun and Jason, a wee thought entered my innocent little head.

‘Why not….. DRAW.. this Sh*t Daanyaal….. you know you waaant to…’

So in the end, a combination of boredom and more-boredom, led me down this dangerous yet life-changing adventure. And here was how it went:

The all important ‘ingredients’ used were:

Some scissors, a pencil, a fineliner, a giant rubber, and the most majestic oaken table money can surely buy.

Some scissors, a pencil, a fineliner, a giant rubber, and the most majestic oaken table money can surely buy.

Drawing an image to look 3D(ish) is slightly different from a normal, 2D, less-life-changing one! As you can see, when looking at the drawing head on or from a slightly different angle, it will look elongated and kind of disproportionate. Not that theres anything wrong with that of course… If that’s your thing then you run with it sunshine! Run with the wind!!

Oh you beauty!

Oh you beauty! Photobomb level: Topi

As you can see ’tis not the best of drawings by any means but ah well! Don’t hate appreciate B-) 😛

Finally all thats left was to draw an imaginary line across the page, cut along this very line and take a picture at *just* the right angle to create:


In any case it is time to unveil
Which is in need of unveiling O.o

So without further ado:

Oh and don't forget to add the weird flower buds coming out the characters back! That always helps....

Oh and don’t forget to add the weird flower buds coming out the characters back! That always helps….

So yes there you have it, not brilliant but all in all I’m happy with it as a first attempt, despite that shocking shading..

And how daaare you think otherwise !

If you read all the way until the end, You the real MVP

Laters 🙂

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Unknowing [Poem]


You were the Snowflake,
Which never grew.
Touching the surface,
Turning to dew.

Wonderfully unique,
In every way.
A speck of white,
To a world of grey,

A gift. A gem.
Hailed by all.
Beauty captured,
In a graceful fall.

The clouds were mournful,
Watching you leave.

You were the Snowflake,
Which never grew.
Touching a surface,
I never knew.

By Daanyaal

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Time [Poem]


What is time, but an accursed gift?
Dictating your life, right from your wrist.
Be it slow. Be it fast.
Time can never be within our grasp.

How foolish is man? How foolish am I?
Sitting there idly, as time rushes by.
Waiting for no man, certainly not me.
No backwards glance. Have we ceased to be?

But tonight is different. Tonight he’s mine!
Stuffed with memories, I watch him unwind.
He remains silent; for once he’s stood still
As I show him my life, against his will

Walking this path, stories emerge.
They rain down joy, these clouds of words.
The Sun is keen to point it’s rays
In order to give the shadows a chase.

But the path up ahead, is clouded with mist.
Somehow or other, the road took a twist
Never forgotten, nor ever remembered
Simply deserving, to be lamented

Walking this path, stories emerge
Stuck in a book that’s read in reverse
Looking over my shoulder, Time has gone
Only I had been frozen.
Whilst time had been running
All along

By Daanyaal

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Moving on [poem]

You were everything
Everything and all
Inside of a girl

You were a clock face
Without any hands
The epitome of all
Unmade plans

You were the beat
Attending the heart
A little
Personified art

You were a future
Vague but present
But above all else
You were a lesson

Unfinding you
Was no easy task
Not entirely unpainful
Certainly not fast

Skip to the future
As im writing this song
A mere room in the mind
Is where you live on

The distance has grown
You’re now down the hall
Finally moved on
So I guess
You weren’t
Eternal at all

By Daanyaal

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How far have we fallen? [Poem]

How far have we fallen?
We’re Scattered. Divided.
Once upon a time we were
Strong. Undivided.

How far have we fallen?

Our Masjids are Beautiful. Our Masjid’s are grand
Our empty Masjid’s 
Fill up the land

How far have we fallen?

Sacrifices were made. Now it’s all on our plate
Our elder’s spread the call
To secure our fate

How far have we fallen?

We’re the luckiest people. In this deen
Born with Adhan
The path was clean

How far have we fallen?

But down the line, we lost our way
“Islam will spread itself
How much could I change?”

But if the Sahaba thought that, then where would we be?
The World would be different
The Ummat would cease

We should all do our part. If only a bit.
The least we can do
Is raise our hands while we sit

It sounds like I’m preaching, but I’ve no room to speak
Far from good myself
I’m just one with the weak.

By Daanyaal

Insha’Allah we can all do our best in spreading this faith in a peaceful manner i.e. by going out with Jamaat etc.. 🙂

First and foremost I’m talking to myself of course

Religious Vibes... Hopefully it stays !

Thank you for reading.

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Right to Return [poem]

For years I stood
Proud and tall
Feeding generations
Young and old

Life was kind
Villagers smiled
The fruits of my labour
Spread far and wide

But as time passed
People grew less
Still I stayed on
Providing the rest

More were displaced
Or shot in the dirt
The land that I love
Was hit by a curse

Then one day
Right out of the blue
A young girl appeared
I couldn’t say who

I branched out a hand
Withered, decayed
Firm was her grasp
Against the sway

For years she came
Sharing my fruits
Only for her
I kept to my roots

She was my calm
My own little dawn
But the future was dark
In the face of a storm

They took her away.
And her family too
As I stood by helpless
With nothing to do

All color has gone
In this world turned grey
Though she wasn’t my seed
I died on that day

And every day since
I pray for my end
But still I live on
Mourning my friend.

By Daanyaal

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