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√At last! It has arrived….

It’s finally here. The moment we’ve ALL been waiting for, the return of the one and only….. Tokyo Ghoul!!!! Whoop! Try not to get tooooo excited please. Your head will explode.  Srs.

In case you haven’t seen the series yet, refer to this post and hopefully you’ll be hypnotized by my woooords to watch it. Spooky.

And if you’re actually planning on watching the episode, then watch it now because I’ll probably spoil a few things here and there. You will come back though, right?

So without further ado: My take on Tokyo Ghoul √A

First thing’s first, you simply can’t make a Tokyo Ghoul review without mentioning the opening.. you just can’t. It would go against, well, everything. Saying ‘the standards were high’ would be a grave understatement my friends.

And you know what? Contrary to popular opinion, I actually enjoyed it. I told myself not to compare it to it’s predecessor and that must have helped. Because I loved it. Suuuure it was 2 minutes of a barely animated, topless, groped Kaneki… And of course it wasn’t nearly as exciting as others. But that wasn’t it’s purpose.

Although it was a nice, calm and serene sequence, there was definitely a lot of sadness in there also.  And this, in my opinion, must be a way of setting the tone for  future developments of the plot, as well as with Kaneki himself. What with those darn inner struggles and all…

Moving on, this is purely speculation but something, deep inside me ticker, tells me that ‘The Owl’ is actually the old dude from Anteiku. If it is him, then….. Wow. Since when did he have such raw power?! If it is the old guy (who’s name I don’t remember in the slightest) then respect to him for choosing the small business-running life over the eating of the entire human race… life.

Following The Owl we were then shown some mental footage of Ayato absolutely tearing into Touka (which incidentally broke my heart in like… 5 different places). But just before his finishing blow….. In came…

The 130 Pound, White haired, Kakashi-looking half ghoul from Tokyo, Japan. None other than….

Kennnnn Kaneki!

To be honest the only thing I’m remembering whilst writing this, was when he knee’d Ayato in the balls, which may explain why I’m currently sat cross-legged. Ouuuuuuch. Even though the fight was pretty short, we still got to see Kanekis ‘badassness’. Just a day or two ago he wouldn’t stand a chance against Ayato but now he’s telling him to be quiet and let him speak!?!?!

Can simple Maths really do that to a man??? What’s 1,000 minus 7? If only I paid more attention in school -_- 


The 'looking into the distance' pose comes free with the mask

The animation throughout was completely on point. The last scenes in particular were simply perfect. Even down to the small details like the snow etc…

Overall, I thought the episode was really well made. The fighting scenes mayyyybe could have been longer but I still feel they were sufficient. It tied many things together yet also lead to some very interesting questions..

What actually is Ayato’s overall goal?
Who are all these new ghouls????
And why has Kaneki joined the Aogiri!??

Personally I’m quite excited to hopefully find all this out in the near future.

If I was to give it a rating out of 10.. which would have saved all that time you just wasted… Then this episode would getttttttt…….. a 7. I think that’s fair.


Thank you for reading, if you’ve seen the episode or the show then let me know your views in the comments????? Worth a shot lolll

P.s If you’ve read the manga then no spoilers plOx.

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A first attempt at 3D Art

So today, I finally watched the ending to the (Amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing) Anime known to all as, none other than, Tokyo Ghoul. Only I later (about 30 seconds later to be exact) found out that there supposedly is a season 2 in the making!


So yeah as I was fan-girling over the climactic, though evidently not climactic, fight between Kaneki Kun and Jason, a wee thought entered my innocent little head.

‘Why not….. DRAW.. this Sh*t Daanyaal….. you know you waaant to…’

So in the end, a combination of boredom and more-boredom, led me down this dangerous yet life-changing adventure. And here was how it went:

The all important ‘ingredients’ used were:

Some scissors, a pencil, a fineliner, a giant rubber, and the most majestic oaken table money can surely buy.

Some scissors, a pencil, a fineliner, a giant rubber, and the most majestic oaken table money can surely buy.

Drawing an image to look 3D(ish) is slightly different from a normal, 2D, less-life-changing one! As you can see, when looking at the drawing head on or from a slightly different angle, it will look elongated and kind of disproportionate. Not that theres anything wrong with that of course… If that’s your thing then you run with it sunshine! Run with the wind!!

Oh you beauty!

Oh you beauty! Photobomb level: Topi

As you can see ’tis not the best of drawings by any means but ah well! Don’t hate appreciate B-) 😛

Finally all thats left was to draw an imaginary line across the page, cut along this very line and take a picture at *just* the right angle to create:


In any case it is time to unveil
Which is in need of unveiling O.o

So without further ado:

Oh and don't forget to add the weird flower buds coming out the characters back! That always helps....

Oh and don’t forget to add the weird flower buds coming out the characters back! That always helps….

So yes there you have it, not brilliant but all in all I’m happy with it as a first attempt, despite that shocking shading..

And how daaare you think otherwise !

If you read all the way until the end, You the real MVP

Laters 🙂

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Tokyo Ghooouuuuuuuuul

For those readers (all 12 of you out there! :* ) who aren’t into Anime or Manga…. This will seem like a pretty childish/lame/creepy/OMGgetalife kinda post.

But ah well! You’re here so you might as well carry on reading right?.. Right?…

Anywhoo I just wanted to write about an A-maaaaaazing Anime (Japanese cartoon) I’ve seen recently; namely, Tokyo Ghoul.

Without spoiling the story of it all too much, in essense, it is about a World infested by these; supernatural, vampire-like, human eating and also human resembling creatures known as Ghouls.

The great thing about this show however is that we see things from the perspective of the ghouls, get an inside scoop of their own struggles and generally learn to realise that a lot of them aren’t the monsters they’re made out to be…

Naughty humans!

But yeah anyways the moral of the overall plot I believe is that, instead of the constant persecution, if there ever is to be real peace between the two.. Then communication and understanding is key.. Ignorance doesn’t seem so bliss anymore!

But in the mean time some badass fighting sequences shan’t go amiss.

In conclusion!! The moral of myyyyy story is that you should definitely go and watch this show because its:

Proper Sick Br00o

And there’s only 8 episodes so far so why not ???

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