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Career of Evil by Robert Galbraith

I have tried to start this blog post 3 times already, and so far nothing has worked. So this will have to do.

A considerable amount of time has certainly passed between the last post and this but, like the father who went out for groceries 9 years ago and only returned today, let us all just carry on as if nothing has happened.

Honey, I’m home.

Today I shall attempt a short review of the latest Robert Galbraith novel, Career of Evil.

Career of Evil is the third instalment in Robert Galbraith’s  series, centering around private detective Cormoran (it’s kind of like Cameron, but isn’t) Strike and his extremely loveable (seriously) side-kick Robin Ellacott.


I’ve never seen a book pose so hard in my entire life.

Without giving anything away, the story begins when a package by an unknown courier is delivered to my beloved Robin. Attached is a note containing lyrics by the band Blue Öyster Cult, which on its own could actually be a nice gesture, if it wasn’t sullied by a woman’s severed leg.

Strike (yes, we are on second name basis) is subsequently convinced that the perpetrator is one of four people, all of whom are from his past and with some reason to hate his guts.

What I loved about this book, which differed from the previous two, was that the narrative was split roughly 50/50 between both Robin and Strike. As we are taken through the case trying to whittle down the list of suspects, we are also taken back in time and given a large insight into the pasts of both protagonists. It feels as if the first two books introduced the characters whereas this third part has truly opened them up to us.

As an added feature, we are also shown parts of the story from the point of view of the killer. As gruesome as these sections were, I thought they were a brilliant touch to a great book.

Despite the fact that ‘The Cuckoo’s Calling’ and ‘The Silkworm’ set the bar very high in my mind, ‘Career of Evil’ not only met my expectations, but pretty much raised them even further for the next book. Good luck JK- I mean Robert.

If I was to criticise the book at all I would say that perhaps there could have been more twists added to the story, but then I would instantly retort by stating that the lack of a ‘twist at every turn’ added a realness to the novel.

At least I tried.

I am still struggling to decide whether this book or the first was my favourite in the series so far. If I were to go purely with my gut, the gut being the most literary-appreciative organ in the body after all, I would have to say that The Cuckoo’s Calling just about edges it. Nevertheless, Career of Evil is still a definite page turner.

It will make you miss your stop on the bus or the tube. It will make you laugh out loud at parts and may even break your heart at others. Simply put, It’s like an Adele song on steroids.

If you haven’t read the series yet then you should start questioning your life choices and maybe place me in charge of them.

Overall rating: 9/10.

Lastly, as the series will be undergoing a TV adaptation, I would like to formally nominate Greg Davies for the part of Cormoran Strike. Watch this space.

Thank you for spending your not-so-valuable time reading my blog post. Feel free to use the comment section to your fingers content. Discuss the book, discuss me, discuss global warming, discuss the sheriff but do not, I repeat DO NOT, discuss the deputy.

Happy New Year and good morrow.

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The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion

The Book I shall attempt to share my thoughts on today is ‘The Rosie Project’; a novel by Australian author Graeme Simsion originally published in the glorious year of 2013 (as you can tell, I like to keep my blog VERY current).

Please note, coffee table not included

Please note, coffee table not included

For the first 50 (ish) pages I reeeeaally didn’t like this book. I must admit that my negative opinions may be based on the fact that it’s protagonist, Genetics Professor Don Tillman, reminded me too much of Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory.

I hate the Big Bang Theory.

Well ok, ‘hate’ is a strong word but, let’s put it this way, if I flicked onto E4 and BBT was on…. I’d change the channel. That’s how serious I am about this. I don’t mess around. Come at me.

I even considered giving up and reading something else but the term ‘giving up’ isn’t a phrase that is in my vocabulary. Actually it is, but I see no reason to share that here as that’s a whole other blog post waiting to happen (The truth is that I did actually start writing that post but, needless to say..). Nevertheless, giving in and heeding the advice of my inner-farmer/conscience, I ploughed on.  And what did I find? My opinions began to evolve.

The basic synopsis of the book is that of a socially inept but brilliant-minded Genetics professor by the name of Don Tillman, seemingly with Asperger’s syndrome, and his experiment to locate the ideal wife. This said experiment eventually leads him to Rosie, who he labels ‘the world’s most incompatible woman.’ Charming.

Personally I felt that the plot was somewhat predictable but, just in case you weren’t already aware, I am a sucker for a clichéd love story. I began to warm towards Don and, not only like him, but I also came to root for him in his quest to find his perfect woman. I joined him on his journey, feeling happy for him at his high points as well as short pangs of sadness whenever the author dictated I should.

So all-in-all, I am not sure what to make of the book at all. I’m not sure if I didn’t like it simply because of my predetermined dislike (‘hate’ was a strong word after all) of The Big Bang Theory OR if I only ended up liking it due to my predilection of clichéd love stories. My gut is ordering me to give it a rating of 3 Stars, but is that because I’m just a nice guy, or because I had too much to drink at breakfast??? Pondering my own opinion on the matter has me reconsidering the very essence and purpose of my being.

I hate this book for confusing me, but I shall lend an ear to my gut, become grossly disfigured in the process, and give The Rosie Project 3 Stars (rounded up from 2.75) out of a possible 5. After all it was an easy-to-read novel, not completely lacking in funny moments, and it was my paperback companion during the tumultuous times of the London Tube strike last week.

So if you’ve read the book; do not be shy, feel free to use the comments section and share your opinions with the World! And if you’re looking for a book to read this summer that was originally published two summer’s ago, The Rosie Project may be just what you were looking for.

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Dark Fantasy At It’s Finest

I don’t claim to be psychic, but you are currently sat at home, twiddling your thumbs and with nothing much going on in your life. To me these seem like the only plausible conditions for someone to be reading my blog post. You are clueless as to what to do, all your short-term goals have thus far been accomplished and, by that, I mean you’re fully up-to-date with; Suits, Arrow, Orange Is The New Black and whatever else people are watching these days. Either that or you’re patiently waiting for the new Sherlock season to come on TV (I won’t even mention Winds of Winter).

In any case, I might just have the answer to all of your first world problems.

What I have in mind is a story like none other, a story of; love, friendship, honour, betrayal, war, politics, deception, determination, violence, intimacy and any other vague words you can think of, literally. And no, before you say it, I’m not talking about Zoey 101, as great a show as that is. What I am talking about however is, Berserk. A 37-volume ongoing manga series written by Kentaro Miura.

Set in the ‘medieval times’ we are originally introduced to the story’s main protagonist, Guts, a mysterious, muscular fellow dressed all in black, possessing a sacrificial brand on his neck and wielding a sword far larger than any sword has the right to be.

And these were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect little girl!

The World in which Guts inhabits is filled with demonic beings known as apostles, who were once regular humans that were gifted supernatural powers at the price of sacrificing the ones they loved to the formidable and potent ‘God hand.’ The God Hand being 5 supreme, untouchable beings with powers that have still not been fully revealed to us. 

A truly blasphemous series, but epic nonetheless.

Without giving too much away, Guts seemingly sees it as his mission to dispose of these apostles for reasons unknown to us at the start of the story. Along the way we learn many things through the experiences of the various characters; we see how childhood events can plant deep roots within a person’s sub-conscience,  the importance of companionship, the burdens of protecting the ones we love, the unbreakable power of the human spirit and most importantly, the true price of attaining ones goals.

Many pages are dedicated to beautiful sketches of scenery with many deep quotes flying about here and there. To give an example, below is a quote from one of the main characters, Griffith:

“While many can pursue their dreams in solitude, other dreams are like great storms blowing hundreds, even thousands of dreams apart in their wake. Dreams breathe life into men and can cage them in suffering. Men live and die by their dreams. But long after they have been abandoned they still smoulder deep in men’s hearts. Some see nothing more than life and death. They are dead, for they have no dreams.”

Deep. So if you’re looking for something to read this summer, look no further than Berserk. The main problem, and it is quite a big one, is that the series is on-going. This may not seem like such a big issue but as the time between each chapter can vary considerably, it may take a long time to reach the end of this epic masterpiece.

Back to the positives, besides all the points I have already mentioned, you will also get to see some truly uncensored and gory action scenes, weird eggs with deformed human faces (Beherit!!) and also many, many explicit 18+ scenes, including the very first scene from what I remember (but it’s all about the story really!).

Thanks for reading and let me know if you’ve read the series, of any other recommendations you may have OR let me know what you think of the possibility of the existence of extra-terrestrial life, because that’s always an interesting topic.


Added notes from my editor,  the ever-efficient,  sentenced-correcting, spell-checking Seemeen:

tbh I don’t see why the possibility of extra terrestrial life is so hard for people to believe, it’s a possibility init

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Dark wings, dark words – A Game of Thrones episode review

Warning. The following post will contain spoilers from the latest Game of Thrones episode.  All stunts are performed by trained athletes, please do not try these at home.  Viewer discretion is advised. No leprechauns were injured in the making of this blog post. Terms and conditions apply.

So, after watching the latest Game of Thrones episode (2 days ago), I felt it high time I write a little ‘suttin suttin’ about it…

Before I begin however it should be noted that,  having  completed the reading of the ‘A Song of ice and fire’ series,  I was recently initiated into the most notorious, badass, elitist, thug life, straight up Baller crew on all the Internet.  Yes. 

The BookSnobs 

Embrace me, fellow BookSnobs…  For I have become one of you! I am now OFFICIALLY allowed to compare anything I see or hear in this World of ours to The Books. An action which is immediately followed by a scoff, rolling of the eyes and the occasional finger wag. It is known.

If I see Jaime Lannister and Bronn loitering around in Dorne…
“Excuse me? That wasn’t in the books”

When Sansa married Ramsey Bolton..
“Ummmm I think you’ll find, young man, that that was not in the books”

When Bronn came across a pair of poisonous breasts
“Still not in the books!”

Even when my own mother made me a sandwich!
“Oh my god for the last time woman that wasn’t in the damned books!”
*throws plate on the floor and cries hysterically*


The all-expenses-paid ticket to.. Snobtopia

… You get the picture.  Great power, great responsibility..  All that jazz.

No but seriously..  All ‘jokes’ aside.  That was NOT IN THE BOOKS 😭😭 And it wasn’t even a *good* change at that. Burning Shireen alive,  for me,  gave Stannis no benefits, whatsoever. 

In one single stroke of genius,  Stannis Baratheon:
– Turned the majority of his soldiers against him
– Turned Selyse human! (ew)
– Killed off his only heir! :S
– Made himself the most despised character in all of Westeros
-Still kept everyone hungry

And most importantly he wasted perfectly good kindling which could have been saved for Ramsey. *sigh*

Bad move my friend.. Bad move…


A short excerpt showing the difference between Show and BookStannis😪

Since I don’t remember much of the episode I’ll go ahead and skip all the way to the end…  Because I can 😎

The climax of the episode saw a wave of fighting break out between #TeamKhaleesi and the Sons of the Harpy.  And at the climax of the climax!!! We see Daenerys mount Drogon’s spikes and flee the scene,  leaving the rest of TeamMotherOfDragons to fend for themselves. And who said gallantry was dead?

A slow clap seems in order at this point.

But the biggest crime in all of this wasn’t that she left all her friends to die..  No sirree, the biggest crime was that it happened straight after Jorah Mormont FINALLY escaped the dreaded friendzone!

When Jorah and Dany touched hands (and when he possibly gave her greyscale lolz), millions of men around the World were given ample hope in those briefest of moments. Across the globe,  all the friendzoned, brotherzoned and dadzoned (don’t ask) men looked up….. 

Only to see her fly off at the nearest opportunity!

Oh well lads we’ll get her next time ayyy..  Back to the drawing board for now. *sniff*

So all in all,  apart from the ‘shock value’ of the episode, which admittedly kept me on the edge of my seat and completely ruined my fingernails/underwear, the whole ordeal didn’t make much sense. Both Daenerys and Stannis (Dannis?) acted completely out of character, in my humble opinion, and these actions will probably lead to some rather large and further deviated consequences down the line.

Butterflies will be the end of us all…

But alas! Seeing as though there’s no need blogging over spilt milk, which is precisely what I’ve just done,  let us hope the final episode of the season will ‘Break the Internet’ as promised.

Until then ladies and starfish.. Peace 🙂

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√At last! It has arrived….

It’s finally here. The moment we’ve ALL been waiting for, the return of the one and only….. Tokyo Ghoul!!!! Whoop! Try not to get tooooo excited please. Your head will explode.  Srs.

In case you haven’t seen the series yet, refer to this post and hopefully you’ll be hypnotized by my woooords to watch it. Spooky.

And if you’re actually planning on watching the episode, then watch it now because I’ll probably spoil a few things here and there. You will come back though, right?

So without further ado: My take on Tokyo Ghoul √A

First thing’s first, you simply can’t make a Tokyo Ghoul review without mentioning the opening.. you just can’t. It would go against, well, everything. Saying ‘the standards were high’ would be a grave understatement my friends.

And you know what? Contrary to popular opinion, I actually enjoyed it. I told myself not to compare it to it’s predecessor and that must have helped. Because I loved it. Suuuure it was 2 minutes of a barely animated, topless, groped Kaneki… And of course it wasn’t nearly as exciting as others. But that wasn’t it’s purpose.

Although it was a nice, calm and serene sequence, there was definitely a lot of sadness in there also.  And this, in my opinion, must be a way of setting the tone for  future developments of the plot, as well as with Kaneki himself. What with those darn inner struggles and all…

Moving on, this is purely speculation but something, deep inside me ticker, tells me that ‘The Owl’ is actually the old dude from Anteiku. If it is him, then….. Wow. Since when did he have such raw power?! If it is the old guy (who’s name I don’t remember in the slightest) then respect to him for choosing the small business-running life over the eating of the entire human race… life.

Following The Owl we were then shown some mental footage of Ayato absolutely tearing into Touka (which incidentally broke my heart in like… 5 different places). But just before his finishing blow….. In came…

The 130 Pound, White haired, Kakashi-looking half ghoul from Tokyo, Japan. None other than….

Kennnnn Kaneki!

To be honest the only thing I’m remembering whilst writing this, was when he knee’d Ayato in the balls, which may explain why I’m currently sat cross-legged. Ouuuuuuch. Even though the fight was pretty short, we still got to see Kanekis ‘badassness’. Just a day or two ago he wouldn’t stand a chance against Ayato but now he’s telling him to be quiet and let him speak!?!?!

Can simple Maths really do that to a man??? What’s 1,000 minus 7? If only I paid more attention in school -_- 


The 'looking into the distance' pose comes free with the mask

The animation throughout was completely on point. The last scenes in particular were simply perfect. Even down to the small details like the snow etc…

Overall, I thought the episode was really well made. The fighting scenes mayyyybe could have been longer but I still feel they were sufficient. It tied many things together yet also lead to some very interesting questions..

What actually is Ayato’s overall goal?
Who are all these new ghouls????
And why has Kaneki joined the Aogiri!??

Personally I’m quite excited to hopefully find all this out in the near future.

If I was to give it a rating out of 10.. which would have saved all that time you just wasted… Then this episode would getttttttt…….. a 7. I think that’s fair.


Thank you for reading, if you’ve seen the episode or the show then let me know your views in the comments????? Worth a shot lolll

P.s If you’ve read the manga then no spoilers plOx.

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Interstellar – A Review

‘We used to look up at the sky and wonder at our place in the stars, now we just look down and worry about our place in the dirt.’ 

Interstellar. Ohhhhh Interstellar, I watched you 3 days ago and you still have me feeling some kind of way.

Here goes, a review which will do the film no justice, so please kindly lower all expectations and keep your hands and feet firmly inside the vehicle at all times.  Thank you.


*Scottish accent* A meeeeere Fiver!

Without giving away any spoilers; ‘Interstellar’ is set in a world in which mankind – yes, that mankind – is slowly running out of food, a condition which will inevitably lead to their starvation followed by extinction. Due to the fact that the only produce showing the slightest bit of promise at the moment is Corn, the average person is deeply encouraged to abandon whatever hopes and dreams they may have in life, to help grow this product, something which not all are happy about (hence the quote at the top). As the hours, minutes and days on the human life-clock tick by, there is seemingly only one other alternative for survival, another home for the Human race, thus giving birth to the movie as well as this cool quote:

‘Mankind was born on Earth. It was never meant to die here.’

What I looooved most about Interstellar, you know, aside from the epic Hans Zimmer scores, beautiful imagery and tear-jerking acting, was the fact that it made me.. ME.. feel smart!

Strutting in with 5% of my GCSE Physics knowledge intact, I had no right to follow any of it!.. But when Romilly the scientist (didn’t need to use IMDb at all there..) asked me ‘What is a circle in 3 dimensions?’ Well by george you know I screamed the answer to him right there in my head!! What a moment. Take that Year 8 physics report!!

My new-found love for Quantum Mechanics didn’t end there either – Oh no it did not! As soon as I got home I went straight to my brother, smug with the air of someone in the know, and I hit him with it.

‘Bruh (because I’m ghetto), guess what. Time………..  is relative.’
Cue the background explosions whilst I slowly wear some raybans and take a victory sip of coffee.
Ohhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh.

‘What does that mean???’ – The response which crushed everything I had prepared on the bus ride home.

‘Ummmmmmm you knowwwwww relative!….. Gravity… and shit.’

Ok so maybe Interstellar didn’t quite make an astrophysicist out of me, not that it set out to, but it got dangerously close I must say. 

Although I have indeed digressed ever so slightly, to come back on track, there is just so much that this film offers to its viewers! From the surprisingly emotional father-daughter relationships to the beautiful cinematography portraying the vastness of the universe around us. All for a fiver.

Most importantly though, the movie also piqued a curiosity within me. It caused me to ponder on the possibilities offered by outer space. It made me stop scanning the pavements for dog muck whilst I travel and instead, lifted my gaze to the stars, a decision I instantly regretted.


Maybe there's more to life than a warm cuppa'....

And If that doesn’t persuade you enough to watch the movie then I have only two words for you: Matthew McConaughey.

As a final thought I must say that Interstellar was more than just a brilliant movie. It was an experience. Depending on when you read this post, I would also suggest viewing it in the cinemas as opposed to DVD or a dodgy 240p pirate copy.  Mind you, seeing as though it’s been out for so long already, those may be the only options left. Good luck to you in that case!

If you’ve seen the movie then comment belowwww with your thoughts and if you haven’t seen it then comment anyways for the heck of it.
Don’t forget to follow and share either!!

Go wild my children.

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The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

It’s past midnight, I’m lying on my bed….. Exam in the afternoon #PrayForDan ! What a perfect time to write a blog post 😀

BEHOLD My first ever book review, on this blog anyways  :O .. Naaaaaah!! Mental!

So as it says in the title, today I shall be reviewing ‘The Alchemist’ by Paulo Coelho and I’m going to start off the review by breaking the rules a wee bit, just because I like living life on its very edge.

So here goes.

Judging a book purely its cover, I’d say, this book is bloody brilliant !! I mean, just look at that sillhouetted church submerged in the mysterious orange-tinged fog and the attractive backdrop of mountains in the distance, all behind the unmistakable letters reading ‘THE INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER’



If that doesn’t tickle your curiosity then you need serious help my friend. Professional help.

In essence the story is a simple one. It centers around a Spanish sheperd, Santiago (aka ‘the boy’), who spends his days with his sheep.. as you do.. in complete peace and tranquility until he is disturbed by a slight recurring dream.

Getting his dream interpreted by a gypsy woman in the nearest village.. also as you do… The boy is then told about a treasure which awaits him and is subsequently led onto the path of his ‘true destiny’ travelling vasts amount of land and making acquaintances along the way.

“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” – Paul Coelho, The Alchemist

When I started reading this book, I slowly began to treat it as if it was a fairy tale of sorts. And in many ways I believe it is so, the story has a clear moral (Chase your dreams!!!) and it  constantly sticks to it. But in actual fact The Alchemist is much more than that.

Though it is an easy read and not very long (177 pages), the book is filled with beautiful language. From the general descriptions of places and people, to the personification of nature itself. This book will have you turning pages faster than you can say ‘oh my days this book is literally forcing me to turn this page somebody help!’ And this is after having been translated.

The book is also rather philosophical, although you may not agree with all of it, I bet there’s definately something in there that can relate to anyone.

An unexpectedly deep book which, not only makes you think, but helps you appreciate the wonder all around us in our seemingly ordinary day to day lives.

Not sure how good of a review this was but if you want an inspiring, feel-good and easy to read yet deep book, then look no further than The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

Also I gave it 4 Stars on my goodreads … Which you can follow here 🙂 


Thanks for reading! Like, Comment and Share away Bob’s yerr uncle.

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Tokyo Ghooouuuuuuuuul

For those readers (all 12 of you out there! :* ) who aren’t into Anime or Manga…. This will seem like a pretty childish/lame/creepy/OMGgetalife kinda post.

But ah well! You’re here so you might as well carry on reading right?.. Right?…

Anywhoo I just wanted to write about an A-maaaaaazing Anime (Japanese cartoon) I’ve seen recently; namely, Tokyo Ghoul.

Without spoiling the story of it all too much, in essense, it is about a World infested by these; supernatural, vampire-like, human eating and also human resembling creatures known as Ghouls.

The great thing about this show however is that we see things from the perspective of the ghouls, get an inside scoop of their own struggles and generally learn to realise that a lot of them aren’t the monsters they’re made out to be…

Naughty humans!

But yeah anyways the moral of the overall plot I believe is that, instead of the constant persecution, if there ever is to be real peace between the two.. Then communication and understanding is key.. Ignorance doesn’t seem so bliss anymore!

But in the mean time some badass fighting sequences shan’t go amiss.

In conclusion!! The moral of myyyyy story is that you should definitely go and watch this show because its:

Proper Sick Br00o

And there’s only 8 episodes so far so why not ???

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